What Things You Shouldn’t Do When Buying Some Baby’s Clothing

A baby is a gift. Whoever just married and has a child must be grateful for that gift. A parent must be prepared for a lot of things for their child, from baby food, milk, clothing, and many more. Clothing is one of the most important things that is able to affect the baby’s growth. So, as a parent, we must be wise and vigilant when we are picking the clothes for the babies. There are also things that need to be avoided when picking them. So, because of that, in this article, we will talk about things we shouldn’t do when buying some baby’s clothing.

Avoid clothes that made of synthetic

The best material for baby’s clothing made of cotton. Because it is light and soft. Cotton-based clothing can absorb the baby’s sweat.

Clothing made of nylon and synthetic should be avoided. Because they don’t absorb the baby’s sweat pretty well. Because of the sweat, the baby’s skin will be vulnerable with allergy, itchy, and spots.

avoid synthetic
avoid synthetic

If we are comparing cotton with nylon and synthetic, cotton clothing feels cooler than nylon, synthetic, and polyester. If the weather is cold, you can add one more piece of clothing for the baby, so they won’t catch a cold.

Don’t buy clothing that the size fits very well.

As we know, babies are still growing. In just a few weeks and a few months, they can grow bigger and heavier. Because of that, we should avoid buying their clothes that the size fits very well with them. Buy clothes that sized bigger than them.

Imagine that babies’ growth in weeks or months. Their body can grow significantly in a short time. If we bought the clothing that fits their size, they won’t be able to wear it again in a week. So, it’s just a waste of money, especially if you are only wanting one child in your family. If you want to have two children, then you can save the first child’s clothing so the younger one will be able to wear his older sibling’s. It could save money as well.

Never pick clothing that has big buttons or made of steel. 

Clothing kinds that have big buttons must be avoided, especially if they are made of steel. The steel’s pressure will make our babies can get hurt. It could give them reddish marks on their chest.

has big buttons
has big buttons

Also, we all know that babies have a habit of putting something in their mouths. If the button is big or made of steel, they could grab it and probably remove the button. It will be dangerous if they put the buttons in their mouths. So, pick some clothing with small buttons and make sure that the buttons aren’t made of steel.

Don’t buy clothing with a lot of accessories

Same as before, babies can put something in their mouths because that is their habit. Babies love to explore, especially for reaching unfamiliar objects around them. So, the best way for a baby’s clothing is not to buy with a lot of accessories.

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