How to dress a new born baby correctly
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When a new baby has arrived both parents and all members of the families are getting excited. Parent excitement actually starts earlier. During pregnancy, most parents will spend their money and energy preparing new baby arrival. Planning baby wardrobe and dress a new born baby are very important. However, you should know that new born baby doesn’t require a lot of clothing especially during the first few weeks of his or her life.

dress a new born baby
dress a new born baby

During this critical period, your baby doesn’t need fashionable clothing from What your baby need is safety and comfort. To dress your newborn baby correctly, you need to consider the following tips

  1. Start with wrap shirt or onesie

Wrap shirt is perfect clothing for a new born baby. This piece of clothing helps to keep baby warm and comfortable. Onesie stay in place for longer time preventing tummy and back of the baby from being exposed.

Wrap shirt is not only convenient for the baby, but also for the parent. There is a snaps at the bottom of the wrap shirt that allows you to change diapers without disturbing our baby too much.

  1. Add Layer

We have mentioned earlier that new born baby needs comfort and safety. To keep your baby warm and comfortable, you need to add some layers of clothing. In this case, your baby can have a shirt onesie and then tee.

dress a new born baby
dress a new born baby

The thickness of the layer is actually depending on the weather. Putting too much layer will make your baby uncomfortable. Check your baby regularly.  If the baby is too hot you will see flushed cheeks, sweaty back and fussiness on your baby.

  1. Add footies

Most babies have strong kicking reflect. If you put shocks, it will easily fell off. In this case, your baby can have pants with build –in-feet. Pan with build-in feet is easy to wear and comfortable for the baby. When you buy one, opt for larger size.  When your baby gets older and bigger, you can cut off the build-n feet to make it a regular pan.

  1. Cover your baby with blanket

If you carry your baby outside both on the stroller or in the car you need to cover her with a blanket. Blanket cover, will not only make your baby warm and cosy, but also to keep germ stay away from your loved one.

Just like an adult, your baby needs proper clothing. However, during a few weeks of her life, your baby doesn’t require fashionable clothing.  What she needs is comfortable and safe clothing.

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