How to dress your baby during the summer?
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There is no doubt that summer can be tricky both for new born baby and parent. Hot temperatures can lead to dangerous situation especially for your baby. Luckily, there are many cool and stylish baby outfits for baby to beat the heat. In this case, you need to choose a lightweight and breathable outfit for your baby. dress your baby

Just like an adult, a baby needs sunlight. However, before you bring your baby out, you need to protect your baby from excessive sunlight exposure. Here are some important tips on how to dress baby during the summer.

Dress your baby just like you would normally dress for yourself

An adult at would adjust their clothing throughout the day. The same thing should go to your baby. If the weather is hot, you will normal will wear t-shirt. Your baby can wear the T-shirt too. When the temperature is cooler, you can add hoodie to your baby as your normally do to yourself. Parents should check the weather forecast regularly to help to choose the right dress for their loved one.

dress your baby
dress your baby

Short sleeve and apply sunscreen

During summer outing, wearing short sleeve is highly recommended. Sunscreen can be applied for adult and baby six month and older. Sunscreen protects skin from sunlight (UV light).

Protect arm and leg from insect bite

You will find many different insects during the summer. If you want to go to the pool or lake, you need to protect your baby leg and arm from an insect bite. In this case, your baby needs to wear long sleeve T-shirt and pans. Just make sure that you are not overheating your baby. Alternatively, you can apply insect repellent lotion that specifically designed for baby.

Carry some extra layer of clothing for your baby

The idea is to make your baby comfortable at most of the time. Basic baby dress like onesie and a skirt or short should be enough. To avoid your baby from overheating, keeping your baby in single layer is very important. However, you need to bring extra layer such as sweater or button-up shirt in your diaper bag.

dress your baby
dress your baby

Your baby may wear short sleeve from home. During in the grocery store the temperature may get cooler. However, you need to avoid putting extra layer when the temperature is above 24 °C or 75 °F.

Skip shock during the summer

Wearing shock is a good way to keep your baby feet warm and protected. You can let your baby wear shock inside an air-conditioned room. However, during outing remove the shock from your baby feet.


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