How to find the right pair of shoes for your baby?
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Finding the right shoes for baby can be overwhelming, especially for a new mom. This there are many selections of shoes that you can choose. To help you find the right shoes for your baby, you need to know these following tips

For quick removal choose Shoes with Velcro fastener

Velcro fastener allows you and your baby to remove shoes easily. Parents don’t need to worry about retying loose shoelace.  Soon, you will get surprise knowing that your baby is able to put on and off hers by herself. Once she knows how to put on and removing the shoes, you will be in trouble as your baby want to take off their shoes when they probably shouldn’t.

shoes for your baby

Double knot shoelace

Tying and retying baby shoe lace is time consuming. In this case, you need to choose the right shoes that allow you to make double knot lace.  This kind of lace will allow the lace stay in place for longer. Shoes with lace make your baby harder to take it off. You may save some times looking for lost shoes.

Slip-on shoes is time saver for mom

If you don’t like shoelace and Velcro fastener, you may opt. Slip –on shoes. This kind of shoes save your time a lot as you can put it on and remove it quickly. However, slip-on type shows have some drawbacks. When you change shock thickness, it is difficult to make shoes stay fit to your baby feet. Your baby can easily remove their shoes and play around with it, and you may end up with lost shoes.

shoes for your baby
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Flexible shoes with soft sole

Your baby still learns how to walk and gain balance properly. In this case, you need to choose flexible and soft shoes. The sole have to be bendable and soft. This will help you baby to feel the ground and gain balance they need.

Choose shoes with non skid-bottom

To learn to walk properly your baby need a good traction so that the feet will not slide around. Therefore, you need to choose the right baby shoes with non-skid at However, you need to avoid too thick sole that prevent the baby to bend their feet properly. To walk on slippery floor your baby will need shoes with rubber grip sole.

Shoes with breathable material

Baby feet tend to sweat a lot. Therefore, they can smell as it stuck inside the shoes for a long time. Therefore, you need to choose the right shoes made of breathable material. This kind of shoes will not make this little feet hot and uncomfortable.

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