Choosing the right baby’s first walking shoes

Watching your baby take their first step is an important milestone that excite both for baby and you. When your baby starts to walk, you start to think about buying the best shoes for your little angel. Choosing shoes for baby is an easy task as there is a wide selection of baby shoes available in the market. However, when it comes to baby’s first walking shoes, some shoes are better than another. Here are the best tips to find the right walking shoes for your baby.

baby’s first walking shoes
baby’s first walking shoes

Find the shoes with right size

When it comes for baby’s first walking shoes, you need to find the best shoes with the right size. Too tight and too loose shoes are unsafe for the baby. While too tight shoes can cause blood circulation problems, to lose shoes can cause skin friction that can lead to skin irritation.

baby’s first walking shoes

To define the right shoe size, there are some general roles that you can follow. For the right fit shoes, there should be enough room for baby’s toes to wiggle. While the baby on stand up position, you should able to slide down your finger between the baby hell and shoe heel. Remember, your baby will grow rapidly. So, you need to check their shoes regularly.

baby’s first walking shoes
baby’s first walking shoes

Made up from healthy material

The best baby’s walking shoes have to be made from healthy material such as soft leather, cloth or mesh. Such material allows your baby’s feet to breathe comfortably. Synthetics material and stiff leather need to be avoided as they can hinder baby feet development. Choosing breathable material is very important as baby feet tend to sweat a lot.

Encourage natural movement

Baby need to wear proper shoes that encourage natural movement. In this case, you need to choose soft, lightweight and flexible shoes to support baby feet natural movement. Shoes made completely from rubber and plastic tend to stiff and cause baby feet to sweat a lot. The best baby shoes material is soft leather, clothes and canvas. This kind of material allows the shoes to bend and stretch easily.

Safe design

To prevent slipping and sliding, the sole of baby shoes need to be made of rubber. Avoid too smooth or too stiff sole as it will not able to provide good traction needed. If the sole is too smooth, you can use sandpaper to rough it up. This will improve their traction.

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