When the best time to buy baby shoes
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Parent wants to give the best things for their baby. Most parents will get excited knowing that their baby starting to walk. When babies start walking, parents have to figure out when and how to buy pairs of shoes for their loved one. To help you to decide when to buy shoes for our baby here are some important tips you need to know

Deciding the right time to buy shoes

Infant doesn’t walk as you carry them most of the time. Therefore, infant doesn’t need shoes. When your baby starts walking, that is the right time to buy a pair of shoes for your baby. Having at least one pair of you is important to protect the baby from germs, dirt, and other possible dangerous object.

cute baby shoes
cute baby shoes

Many health experts believe that baby should be able to walk on bare food at home. Walking on bare foot helps the baby to learn on how to make a balance on her first wobbly steps. So, it is very important to let your baby practice walking at home with bare shoes. Also read how to find the right pair of shoes here https://genkigang.com/how-to-find-the-right-pair-of-shoes-for-your-baby/

You should not let your baby walk on bare food outside like on the park, rocky ground or on the pavement. This will not only make your baby foot get dirt and mess, but also dangerous as sharp object ma hurt your baby delicate foot.

Shop shoes in the evening.

Buying the right size shoes is very important. Too loose or too tight shoes have to be avoided. Too loose shoes can lead to skin irritation. Too tight shoes on the other hand, can disturb blood circulation of baby feet.

Just like an adult, baby feet tend to swell. Your baby feet size will get bigger in the end of the day or in the afternoon. When you buy shoes in the morning, it will get to tight by the evening.

cute baby shoes
cute baby shoes

Only go shopping when your baby is in a good mood.

Baby mood can change rapidly. So, let you baby have a nap before going for shopping. Bring some foot while shopping is a good idea. Your baby needs to walk around to try new shoes. This will make your baby tired and hungry. A grumpy and hungry baby will not get interested to try new footwear.

Baby needs to learn to walk barefoot at home. When you baby start to work out side, it is a good time to buy pairs of shoes for your little angel.

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